Sunday, November 25, 2012

my 1000 top 12 (today)

So, as you might already know, I just posted my 1000th photo here on daily perspective.   It boggles my mind to think that when I started this journey, none of the 1000 photos existed and I find I am inspired to continue to challenge myself creatively and grow as a photographer, an artist and an individual. 
It was easy to pick a top 50 or so, but narrowing it down further was the challenge.  I feel the need to say that in choosing the top favorites, my heart came into play.  If I were to choose only from an unbiased artistic point of view, some of these may be different, but the reality is that these photos have not only been a part of this blog, but a part of my journey.
All that said, once again, thank you to everyone for the encouragement you have given.  And congrats to several of my friends and supporters who won prints for choosing their favorites! 
Enjoy!!! (and these are in no particular order)

 Because it captures a mood that I live in often and because it was a moment of days filled with the ocean, poetry, a purple moonset and real inspiration
Because getting out is refreshing and because this trail taught me so much

Because I love getting close enough to something to learn new things

Because it was one of the first 50 and because it has this stunning tone and quirky story to it that I never could have told with words alone

Because I love the colors and the fun and the movement and it makes me smile

Because I put time into composing this exactly as I wanted it and because it has a nostalgia 
(and parly because everyone always loves it)

Because it is bittersweet to me...there is a darkness and a prevailing hope and I'm kind of obsessed with that mood

   Because it is a small part of one of the best things I have ever created and because I love words and music and art and stories and love
Because it is a bike in a vw van surrounded by interesting people taken at a train station in the middle of a journey because I love to travel

Because the eyes say something awesome and because I want to remember to take more pictures of people and animals 

Because it tells such a colorful story from a black and white perspective

Because it was a beautiful drive on the first day of winter with an old friend and because it is home

And so I continue on because there is more to see and to learn, more stories to tell and because our hearts are forever inexperienced and our perspectives can forever be refreshed.


Steph said...

1. I tried, I really did, to pick a favorite and tell you so I could have a print. Time was not my friend, and besides, it was so hard. I love so many of your photos.
2. I literally teared up when I saw that Jake made your top 12! It's such a beautiful picture.
3. The forest picture is one of my favorites, too!
Love you!

Ang said...

I must say that they are all completely wonderful and beautiful. My favorite, if I have to choose, would be the swing with the tree behind it. I've always liked that one. You are amazing, my friend! Keep up the good work! Hugs, Ang

longneys said...

Congrats on reaching a 1000! Love your pics. Not sure if I could choose one. They're all quite different and beautiful. If I really had to choose it would be between the truck and park benches. I love the nostalgia in both.