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week 12: random yet again

An amazing morning at the ocean started this week off. Throughout the week, I visited an amazing recycling center, shopped at a huge craft store, chopped up lots of yummy fresh food, saw a guy riding a bicycle with a huge bunch of balloons, played pool, walked around downtown in the rain, went to a library convention and watched my plants grow. These are just a few of the pictures from along the way...


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Thursday, March 25, 2010

rainy day

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week 11: the color of...

Halfway through this week, I realized I had some pretty colorful photos, so I decided to pursue it for the rest of the week. It was St. Patricks day and I was sure I would continue with something green! Ironically, I hardly took any green photos that day. :)


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week 10: two doors

My photos this week revolved around a little project I took on to turn old doors into desks. Unfortunately, I do not have a "finished project" photo because I still need to find somewhere to cut glass to the right size for the top...


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week 9: random settling

Is it really still winter? Photos took a backseat this week, but as I unpacked, explored and settled in, it was hard not to take shots of this new springy/summery place I now live.

fall into spring

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lining up

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cold words

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rosy focus

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