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incoming tide

week 25: local flavor

I am fortunate to live somewhere that "local flavor" is featured and valued. There are 40 farmers markets in the Portland area on a weekly basis, not to mention the hundreds of additional fruit and vegetable stands that can be found sprinkled around. On top of that, there is a plethora of homegrown restaurants, bakeries and breweries that offer up a taste of locally grown food and drink. Farms, creameries, berry-picking, fishing and wineries fill the landscape just minutes from this city where healthy, fresh and happy seem to meet an urban setting and 'local flavor' proves to be abundant. :)

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pretty peas

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hey cupcake

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week 24: beautiful in black and white

My week started off with an amazing moment between the sun and the ocean that demanded I pull off the road to enjoy. After viewing the photos I snapped in those moments, I was inspired to pursue the beauty of black and white photography throughout the week. There is something about observing the world in black and white that can make it so much more simple, yet more dynamic and complex at the same time, unveiling a beauty that can't always be seen at first glance...


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new steps

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petal drops

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week 23: random fun

From strawberries and cute dogs to roller skating and parades, this week served up a lot of fun right in front of my lens...


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rolling by

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week 22: going green

This week I simply found myself inspired by "green" both in color and in concept. :)

green times three

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means go

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top it off

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