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or three

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Thanks for visiting my blog this year! Sorry there have been a few days between my posts lately. I can't wait to have convenient and consistent internet access again (soon) so that I can publish posts daily.

sepia sunrise

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speaking out

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week 2: rainbow


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a new approach

So, I've decided to take a slightly new approach to my photos this year. Basically, rather than just taking a random photo of whatever I feel like, I am giving myself mini projects. They may be as simple as a word prompt for one day or they could be week long themes. I would love any ideas that anyone might have! :)
My project for the first "week" was to take several photos from the same place. I did not stand in the exact same place for every photo, but the place I stood to take all of last weeks pictures where within about twenty-five yards of where I stood to take the first one. :)

back where it began

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looking up

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in the dark

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as the sun sets

Wow. I found daily perspective every day for 365 days in 2009. As the sun sets on the first day of this new year, I sit here thinking back and looking forward. Thinking back, I realize how many new things I saw and how much I learned because of this daily perspective. Aside from the exposure of my laziness and lack of discipline and the occasional internet (or lack there of) annoyances, this little project has been nothing but encouraging for me and truly has influenced my perspective. Looking forward and after much thought, I have decided to continue this blog as a daily photo blog in 2010. I will change the way I approach the photos just a bit (more explanation soon), but aside from that nothing else will change this year.

Many congrats to the rest of you 365ers!!! And thanks to all of my friends, family, and fellow bloggers who have voted, commented and supported me through this! Without many of you, accomplishing this would have been a much greater challenge.

Happy New Year! 2010? Bring it on.