Saturday, January 9, 2010

a new approach

So, I've decided to take a slightly new approach to my photos this year. Basically, rather than just taking a random photo of whatever I feel like, I am giving myself mini projects. They may be as simple as a word prompt for one day or they could be week long themes. I would love any ideas that anyone might have! :)
My project for the first "week" was to take several photos from the same place. I did not stand in the exact same place for every photo, but the place I stood to take all of last weeks pictures where within about twenty-five yards of where I stood to take the first one. :)

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Cindy said...

Hey, Laura - I think the idea of mini projects is great! Since you asked for feedback: I really like the idea of your weeklong themes/projects. It's nice to see how you take a specific topic and reveal a new perspective each day. If I think of any fun themes/ideas I'll let you know. Regardless, I know you'll do a wonderful job, and I'm excited to watch how your perspecitve helps the rest of us see things in a new light. :)