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A little photo documentation: This is what I have been doing lately instead of taking my normal copious amounts of photos.  Welcome to what the edge of my bed typically looks like at times like now o'clock in the night/morning when I should be sleeping.  (1:07 am if numbers are your game) Reading and thinking and brainstorming new art project ideas (exciting) are also intruding on the camera clicking. 
I normally don't share these sorts of commentary here on dp, but here's the deal...I have had five people ask about new photos on this blog over the past two weeks.  Last year, I practically went into a blogging and photo-posting slumber and didn't hear much about it over months of time, so know that I am taking note.  I hear you.  And I will respond.  In fact, I need to respond because I am in a really rich place creatively right now and the more I embrace it, the better.
So, thank you...for supporting and challenging me! I will make it a point to take a photo every day this week and share it. 
Now give yourself a challenge to go do something awesome too! :)