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suck it up

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week 34: tracks

I spend a decent amount of time on the rail line and found myself inspired by tracks this week. I am intrigued by the evidence of journey laid down by a track. I also love the idea of traveling such paths, where one has the opportunity to simply be an observer of the world around with no other responsibility but the destination. There is something about the prelaid foundations, the waiting, the strangers that could soon be friends and the chance to look out the windows into the world that I find refreshing to embrace. As the week went on, I grew to see new meanings, sources and paths of tracks and found myself inspired to pursue this idea further creatively...

heart tracks

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rail lines

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back on track

finally. FINALLY. I caught up. And even managed to be punny at 1 AM regarding this weeks theme...
Thanks so much for all the patience and support over the last month to my wonderful blog followers!! Take a moment and vote...there are FIVE polls! Yeesh. If you have a daily blog, I would discourage vacation without blog access immediately followed by crazy schedule.
I got a little tired of naming the pics, so creativity may be lacking in that area...oh well.
Lessons learned. Photos up. You are here. And I am back to the "daily" grind...finally. Enjoy! :)

by the tracks

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blur zone

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crane sky

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color blocks

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rocky ride