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on ice

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week 16: contemplation

I made a goal at the beginning of this week to set aside at least thirty minutes each day to be quiet. I thought it might be a challenge, but as it turns out, it was the perfect week to do it. I spent my time thinking, writing, brainstorming, walking, observing, dreaming and processing through a variety of emotions that came with the week. Each photo represents something that I experienced, pondered or realized during the quiet of that day...

morning walk

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week 15: april showers...

...bring April flowers! The forecast for the week had called for plenty of rain and some sunshine. I thought it would be fun to get some great rainy day shots with drops on petals and the like. However, I am quickly learning that rain is almost always in the forecast here, but it doesn't actually rain that much! At least not this week. The week wound down with a beautiful "supposed to be a rainy day" trip to the farmers market where, just like my weeks photo journey, there was an abundance of sunshine and flowers and hardly a drop of rain.


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week 14: random again

I was feeling that I had slightly neglected my creativity this week, but upon looking back through my photos I realize it was because I was busy! Cleaning, finishing taxes (before the 15th...go me), making more business cards, organizing, finding furniture, brainstorming, putting photos together for a fundraiser and plenty of blog time are just some of the things that occupied this week. Photo-fabulous? Perhaps not. Productive? Absolutely.

round reflection

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color bloom

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missed turn

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week 13: what's your sign?

When I walked by the discipline sign at the beginning of the week, I took it as a sign...and a sign. :) It was time for me to refocus on the things I want to be giving my time and heart to (this blog being one of them). It can be hard to be disciplined, but this daily perspective teaches me over and over again that it is worth it. It's been almost a year since I wrote about completing my first 100 days of daily photos, but this week I realized I had hit a wall and decided to keep on running.

cloud break

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seeing red