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ladder line

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blue sky

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cold light

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week one

Yay for week one 2011!
I must admit that I gave myself a bit of a break this week.  After two years, I just kind of wanted a week off, but when participating in something that requires a daily commitment, there's never really a good time to stop.  So, instead, I chose not to go out of my way to find any super special shots.  This week is simply a random collection of things that were sitting there in front of me throughout my week. 
I am so excited to see all of the fabulous images that this year brings, both from my own perspective and from fellow photobloggers old and new!!! 

color stock

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Happy New Year!!

Hello all!!  I am finally back somewhere with all of my photos and reliable internet and plan to post the rest of 2010 today!  Huge CONGRATS to all my fellow photo bloggers on your year!
I am excited to say that after much heartfelt thought, I will be continuing with daily perspective in 2011.  Yay!

It's pretty amazing to look back on all the photos from the are some of my favorites...