Saturday, October 1, 2011


This year has been a challenge.
There have been ups and downs, lefts and rights, forwards and backs,detours and zigzags and bumps in the road.  My heart has never been so heavy and my mind has never been so scattered.  My creative fire has been both squandered and fueled vehemently and repeatedly.  
In the midst of all of this chaos, I have come to realize a constant.  My identity.  
No one else is me. 
I am an artist.  A wanderer.  A lover.  A fighter.  A believer.
I could spend my whole life wishing I was something or someone somewhere somehow different, but then I would miss out on MY journey.  No one else is going to tread my path or speak my mind.  No one has my exact perspective or my voice.  And no one else is going to post photos to this blog. 
My new challenge is to resurface in my own life creatively, physically, emotionally, bravely and passionately in a way that only I can...

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Alyssa said...

Love you girl! I am currently reading "Notes from the tiltawhirl" I think Chris mentioned it to you at Thanksgiving. If you havent read it- pick it up! It is dizzying at first, then totally inspiring.