Monday, July 20, 2009

stormy night


DaddyNoBucks said...

Very cool. I've tried several times to capture lightning without success.

Anonymous said...

Great shot! And terrific capture of a split moment in time.

Couldn't help but read what DaddyNoBucks had to say. I've tried to capture lightening too, but never know when to snap because it is generally gone by the time my finger finds the snap button. The only other thing would be to set up a video camera and take a still from it. So, what is your secret??

Laura said...

Seriously, I did not think that I was going to capture a shot with my compact digital camera. It's obviously not the greatest shot either. What helped the most were the hundreds of lightning strikes right out the door and that it was dark.
If I had been heading out with my SLR, however, I would have grabbed a tripod, a shutter release and some low speed film...and hoped for the same conditions. :)